There’s A Possibility That Senator Manny Pacquaio Will Run For Presidency

In a change in resistance alliance 1Sambayan’s position, it said that it would welcome a potential assignment of Sen. Manny Pacquiao as its official applicant in the following year’s decisions. It would be gladly received if a few companions of Sen. Manny Pacquiao would name him to 1Sambayan.

In view of this, Alejo said should somebody choose Pacquiao, the fighter and legislator would be inquired as to whether he will submit to the choice interaction of 1Sambayan. In the event that he concurs, the alliance will meeting and screen him as indicated by their standards.

1Sambayan had recently closed its entryways on the chance of Pacquiao becoming one of its candidates for president or VP. ALong with this, Resigned Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, specifically, said that the congressperson needs ability because of his non-attendance in Congress and can’t be considered as one of its wagers for the 2022 surveys because of his being aligned with the Duterte organization.

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