Robredo’s Point for the Current Government Issues Leads to Stable Leadership and Focus

Surpirisingly, VP Leni Robredo said that President Rodrigo Duterte was more centered around legislative issues than dealing with the public authority’s pandemic reaction. In view of this, the VP highlighted the president’s beyond barely any open locations to act as an illustration of what she said were his confused needs.

The last two public interviews were truly disappointing for them since people are in a flood where we need everyone ready and available and the direness is generally significant. Yet, for the majority of the question and answer session the nation saw him reprimanding legislators and the Commission on Audit. What emerges from his mouth gives people a feeling of what his needs are.

They ought to discuss how the issue is intense and they ought to take care of business. She likewise addressed whether the CEO was really educated on the Covid circumstance. His taped public tends to come straightforwardly after his gatherings with the Covid team.




Sharing the latest news from 4 different countries in SouthEast Asia!

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The Asian Affairs

The Asian Affairs

Sharing the latest news from 4 different countries in SouthEast Asia!

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