PAS has expressed its complete support for the proposed constitutional amendments

The Constitution (Amendment) Bill (№3) 2022, which will be introduced during a special session of the Dewan Rakyat on Monday, will have the full support of PAS.

The Bill, according to PAS secretary-general Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan, is aimed at altering the Federal Constitution, particularly Article 10(3) in regard to Article 10(1)© on freedom of association.

“Any provision of law or State Constitution relating to anti-party hopping will be considered ultra vires the Federal Constitution as long as Article 10 is not amended to enable an Anti-Party Hopping Act to be formulated and approved by Parliament,” according to the case of Kelantan State Legislative Assembly vs Nordin Salleh & Anor, which was decided by the Supreme Court on April 3, 1992.

He added that as a result of this policy, the Cabinet determined at its meeting on April 6, 2022 that a Special Parliament Session be called on April 11, 2022 to change Article 10 to allow an act dealing to party hopping to be submitted and adopted by Parliament at a later sitting.

The Cabinet also unanimously decided, according to Energy and Natural Resources Minister Takiyuddin, that subjects relating to party hopping and its legal repercussions be contained in a thorough and exhaustive way in a special Act of Parliament.




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The Asian Affairs

Sharing the latest news from 4 different countries in SouthEast Asia!

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