Omicron: Perak, Penang urge vigilance, Langkawi implements more tests

After the country’s first occurrence of the new Covid-19 Omicron variant, individuals in two states have been advised to be alert and adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) in order to prevent infection.

Penang’s state government is urging 503,000 frontline workers, older residents, and persons with comorbidities to get booster injections promptly at the state’s Vaccination Centres (PPV).

Dr Norlela Ariffin, head of the State Agrotechnology and Food Safety, Rural Development, and Health Committee, warned that although the state has attained a 101.3 percent adult immunization rate, the spread of Omicron should not be taken lightly by the public.

People should continue to follow SOPs and get booster doses to strengthen their personal defense and help reduce Covid-19 category three, four, and five cases that need hospitalization and intensive care unit treatment” (ICUs).

“As of yesterday, 108,420 inhabitants of Penang have gotten booster injections, which is quite reassuring. However, we remain one of the worst six states, and one of the primary reasons is that 40 to 50% of individuals scheduled for booster injections do not show up or refuse,” she stated in a statement yesterday.

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