No major adverse effects recorded in Singaporean children immunized against Covid-19

According to Dr Janil Puthucheary, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has not received any reports of significant adverse events or myocarditis in children aged five to 11 as of last Friday (Jan 7).

“Most adverse effects encountered by children following vaccination have been mild, including as injection site soreness, weariness, and fever, and they normally pass in a few days,” the Senior Minister of State for Health said.

He was responding to inquiries from numerous Members of Parliament (MPs) on the Covid-19 vaccination program for children in Parliament.

Singapore began vaccinating children aged 5 to 11 years old in December of last year, and as of January 7, roughly 123,000 children in this age range had received at least one dose of the vaccine or had scheduled vaccination appointments, he added.

Dr. Puthucheary went on to say that all certified pediatric vaccination centers are well-equipped and well-trained to handle any on-site allergic reaction emergency.

He also said that according to worldwide statistics, the incidence of myocarditis among adolescents and teenagers aged 12 to 17 who were infected with Covid-19 is about 45 per 100,000 infections.

Myocarditis is uncommon in children who have received the Covid-19 vaccine, with an incidence of roughly one in a million doses.




Sharing the latest news from 4 different countries in SouthEast Asia!

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The Asian Affairs

The Asian Affairs

Sharing the latest news from 4 different countries in SouthEast Asia!

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