Leaders of the Philippines’ governing party have endorsed Duterte for VP in 2022.

Leaders of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s political party have supported him to run as a vice presidential candidate in next year’s elections, allowing him to continue in power for another six years after stepping down in 2022.

The party’s general assembly, which meets next month, must approve the move.

The president of the Philippines can only serve one six-year term. Duterte’s tenure expires in June of next year, but he has stated that he is seriously considering running for vice president, which political analysts and opponents believe might be a backdoor to the presidency.

Many political observers believe that next year’s elections will be a referendum on Duterte’s policies, notably his brutal drug war, in which hundreds have died, and his management of the pandemic.

Melvin Matibag, secretary-general of the ruling PDP-Laban party, declared the support for Duterte, saying the endorsement by top officials will be presented to the party’s national congress for ratification next month.

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