Inviting G20 Pioneers To Strengthen Mangrove Protection

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will welcome G20 pioneers to visit mangrove protection regions in Bali during the 2022 G20 Summit.

The head of state is quick to grandstand Indonesia’s obligation to reestablishing and restoring mangrove timberlands to resolve the issue of environmental change and its effects.

He imagined that responsibility is the thing that we will show solidly, as found by and by. We will welcome each of the 20 heads of state here later. This is what Jokowi commented after a visit to the mangrove protection timberland in Bali, as seen from the Presidential Secretariat YouTube channel on Thursday.

This will show our obligation to reestablishing and restoring mangrove backwoods and reestablishing peat timberlands and basic land in our country.