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Oct 21, 2021

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Filipino Pride Stands Over US Chess Championship

The 2021 US chess champion is a full-blooded Filipino named Wesley So.

In view of this, The 27-year-old so, brought up in the Philippines however is presently an American resident, outclassed Fabiano Caruana and Samuel Sevian in the fast season finisher to administer the yearly occasion at the Saint Louis Chess Club in Missouri.

It was the second consecutive US Championship crown for the world Fischer-Random King and third by and large in the wake of ruling four years prior when he turned around Alexander Onischuk in another fast sudden death round. He stashed $50,000, or an incredible P2.5 million, for his accomplishment while Caruana and Sevian each returned home with $30,000.

So later said he never truly expected to win after he completed tied for first with Caruana and Sevian with 6.5 focuses each in the 12-player competition that constrained a season finisher sudden death round. He thought the competition was essentially over. Along with this, Fabiano nearly dominated three matches straight. It just provided him with another breath of life that the competition was not yet finished, that he may in any case get a few opportunities.