China’s Xi declares reunification with Taiwan

President Xi Jinping of China recently declared that “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan “would be and can be realized,” days after Chinese aircraft made unprecedented incursions into the democratically ruled island’s air defense zone.

Taiwan, which has never officially proclaimed independence, is constantly threatened by China, which regards the island as its own and has promised to take it, by force, if necessary.

According to Xi, it is in the interests of the entire country, including their brothers in Taiwan, to achieve national reunification peacefully. Xi stated this during the 110th anniversary of the revolution that ended millennia of imperial rule and founded the Republic of China.

Xi added that Taiwan’s independence is the greatest threat to the motherland’s reunification.

As Xi spoke, a colossal picture of Sun Yat-sen, a Western-educated physician who led the 1911 revolution that brought down the Qing dynasty, towered over the stage.

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