BuCor Focus on Fully Vaccinated Inmates

The quantity of completely inoculated Persons Deprived of Liberty in Bureau of Corrections offices cross country has ascended to almost 10,000, the most recent information from the office showed. Of the 48,598 detainees under the agency’s authority, 9,845 or 20.25% of the all out PDL populace are labeled as completely immunized as of November 19. In the mean time, 25,266 PDLs are hanging tight for their subsequent portion.

At the New Bilibid Prison, the country’s public prison, 1,382 PDLs or 4.85% of the absolute 28,516 detainees have finished their dosages. There are likewise 20,752 detainees who are as of now to some extent immunized.

The Correctional Institution of Women in Mandaluyong City actually posted the most noteworthy immunization rate with 3,100 out of 3,360 PDL populace or 92.26% vaccinated. Inoculation has additionally at last begun in Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm in Palawan. There are 1,700 PDLs out of 2,729 who have accepted their first hit, while five detainees are supposed to be completely inoculated.

At the Davao Prison and Penal Farm, 5,034 out of 7,139 PDLs have gotten immunizations against COVID-19. Of these, 2,220 have been completely immunized, while 2,814 accepted their first portion.


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